Studio Policies

Thank you for booking a session with us. We look forward to working with you! Below is some information that you need to know about your session. Please read this in full.

Your session starts at the time booked, not the time you arrive. If you are late for your session, you are eating into the hours that are reserved and will have less time to record and mix. More than likely, we will have another session booked right after yours so we can not go over the scheduled time. If you need to cancel and reschedule your session, please do so at least one day before your session booking. There will be no refunds for same-day cancellations. 

Although it is fun to have a few friends come to the studio with you, we ask to keep it down to just the artist and a maximum of 2 guests. We find that when friends come to watch you in the studio it leads to excess noise while we are trying to work. We need to be focused on details of your track and can not compete with people talking, cell phones going off, and other added noise. We want to make sure 100% of our focus is on your production.

We do not hold onto any of the Pro Tools Sessions, Final Mixed, or Mastered Files. They are yours and your responsibility to ask us to send copies of them to you. Please be sure to request for us to send your Pro Tools Session Files to you as soon as your mix is finished. We will only hold on to the Pro Tools Session files for 30 days after the mix was delivered. After 30 days your files are permanently deleted from our hard drives and can not be retrieved. We recommend that you back up several copies of your files. 

Please respect the studio and its neighbors. 0x1 Sound Studio reserves the right to end the project at any time with no refund for improper conduct. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors and/or illegal drug use is not allowed on the property. 0x1 Sound Studio is not responsible for personal injury or damaged equipment.


No Smoking or Vaping allowed in the building. 

By booking time, you have agreed to the above terms.