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Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the studio policies. A clear understanding of the policies will reduce confusion later on.

Tardiness Policy

Your session starts at the time booked by you, not the time you arrive. If you are late for your session, you are eating into the hours that are reserved and will have less time to work. There are no refunds for partial sessions due to arriving late or leaving early. More than likely, we will have another session booked right after yours so we can not go over the scheduled time. Out of respect and consideration to your engineer and other clients, please plan accordingly and be on time. For the safety of staff and clients, our doors remain locked before and during sessions. If you arrive early, the doors will be locked until 10 minutes before your scheduled time. 

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your studio booking please notify us by email immediately. Our email address is
There will be no refunds issued for same-day cancellations. This is non-negotiable.

If you cancel your session prior to 48 hours before your booking, a refund will be issued to the card that you booked with. Refunds to your credit card will take up to 10 days to process. There is a $15 bank fee to refund your card due to cancellation.

Session File Storage

Emailing or transferring your files are all done within your session time. Your engineer will always provide an mp3 or wav file of your music during your session via the WETRANSFER file sharing service. If you would like your raw session files (the Pro Tools session or consolidated, tracked out wav files)   please bring your hard drive the day of your session so the engineer can provide them for you within your scheduled time. If you do not have a hard drive, the engineer can send your session files via WeTransfer during your session’s scheduled time.


We do not hold onto any of the Pro Tools Sessions, Final Mixed, or Mastered Files for more than 30 days. Please be sure to request for us to send your Pro Tools Session Files to you as soon as your mix is finished. We will only hold on to the Pro Tools Session files for 30 days after the mix was delivered. After 30 days your files are permanently deleted from our hard drives and can not be retrieved. We recommend that you back up several copies of your files.

General Policies

For the comfort of all staff and clients, WE DO NOT ALLOW  any smoking or vaping inside the studio. All illegal drug substances and weapons of any kind that are harmful or disruptive are strictly prohibited inside of Zero By One Sound. We reserve the right to deny entry or refuse business without refund, liability, or compensation if the circumstances so require. Please be respectful of the studio, the staff, and our neighbors. Please do not hang out in front of our neighbor's doors or use the parking lot as a trashcan. We are located in a professional business park surrounded by other businesses. The police often patrol our parking lot.

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