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Audio Production Classes

Foley Workshop

Foley artists play a significant role in shaping the sound of film, television shows , video games and much more. Foley artists need to be well-versed in various audio production techniques and have a keen understanding of music, rhythm, and sound.

While this role often goes unnoticed by audiences, the audio for a project can sound lackluster without the expertise of a competent foley artist. In todays media driven landscape, Foley artists and mixers are in high demand.

Our instructors have designed sound effects for production companies such as Sony, Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon,Food Network, Rooster Teeth and many more.

What makes our program different?

Many courses are spent online or in a class room. In our program, students are learning in an actual recording studio, a very popular recording studio that is utilized by local and national recording artists as well as film and television companies. Most “recording school” programs cost 3 times the amount of money and are over-crowded with students. Our one-on-one class allows for a low stress environment and gives the instructor opportunity to personalize conversations and assignments.


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