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Audio Recording...Any Genre, Any Style

Capturing high quality audio from the start is the key to any great production.With our state-of-the-art equipment and professionally designed acoustic spaces, our seasoned audio engineers can produce that slick, polished sound that is heard on major label releases. Our attention to detail and quest for sonic perfection during the recording stage,has made our audio recording service by far our most popular offering . 

For over a decade, Zero By One Sound  has professionally recorded the music of rock and metal bands, pop singers, hip hop artists, acoustic instrumentalists, voiceover clients, and so much more in our newly renovated 3000 square foot facility.

Audio Editing...A Creative Approach

Great audio starts with a great performance, but a great production lies in the audio editing. Editing allows us to correct the pitch and timing of tracks, remove noise, add and replace sounds and tighten up the performance. Editing makes the final production feel and sound better.

Audio editing is not just about fixing imperfections. Editing can also be incredibly creative.This is where the line of editing and mixing blurs together. Our digital workstation and editing tools allow us to create the "ear candy" that can not be achieved from effect processors and plug-ins. At Zero By One Sound, our engineers take a creative approach to edit your tracks so they naturally sound and feel exciting and not sound processed and over edited.


Mixing...Part Art, Part Science

Mixing is the technique of blending all of the individual tracks in a recording to create a powerful and emotional version of the song that sounds as great as possible. 

After our recording engineer captures each instrument or vocal as clearly as possible in the tracking stage, the recording goes to our mix engineer where he will blend all of the individual elements so that it enhances the emotional communication of the song, balances out each frequency and makes it ready for commercial release. 

Here at 0x1, Our mix room is acoustically designed and treated so that we can hear your mix in a neutral environment. With non-parallel walls, Class A Monitors and the correct amount of acoustic absorption and diffusion treatments, we are able to hear into the mix so we can make accurate adjustments.   

Mastering...An Essential Of Professional Audio

Mastering is the final creative step in the audio process. It will add depth, clarity, punch and bring your mix up to competitive professional levels volume wise. Your tracks will have more consistent sound quality over different audio systems. Mastering delivers the final professional gloss and will glue you mix together.


Some of the processing that I may utilize to enhance your mix include:


  • Equalization

  • Dynamic Compression

  • Stereo Width Adjustment

  • Peak Limiting

  • Noise Reduction

  • Balance Correction

  • Phase Correction

Vocal Tuning...Tuning and Creating A Great Vocal

 Vocal Tuning is an art. Excellent vocals are crucial to the success of your song.We have the experience and tools to make your vocal sound perfectly in tune while maintaining the natural qualities and tone of your voice.

We use the latest technology to craft a vocal performance to perfection, using the most advanced software. like Revoice Pro, Elastic Audio, Waves Tune, and and a few others. These are all fantastic tools with different nuances that give us the ability to manipulate your vocal tracks the way you want.

Guitar Re-Amping...Guitar Tone Rescue

Re-amping is the process of feeding an already recorded signal into an amplifier, and then recording back to our system. This way you obtain a new version of the original performance, in which you can dial in a new tone by changing parameters in the amplifier, cabinet/speaker, microphones, distances, etc.

We have a nice selection of tube amps and speaker cabinets as well as a Kemper Profiling Amp that has over 400 patches of custom patches from over 200 amps that we have created. Now you can play through lots of vintage and hard to find amps from every company.
Most of our clients prefer our custom patches over there amps. 


We offer professional voice recording services for Narration, Broadcast, TV Commercials and much more. 

We have produced voice overs for:

Corporate Training
PowerPoint Presentations
Public Announcements
Educational Videos
Web / Smartphone Applications
Audio Books
Product Demos
YouTube Videos

Voice Overs...The Voice of your Brand

ADR...Automated Dialog Replacement

Not every location where a film is shot is sound friendly. For example, a scene shot under a highway overpass is going to always be noisey no matter what microphones you use or which sound guy you hire.

While this sound might be acceptable for an editor to use for cutting the movie, it won't work with the audience. So we need to have the actor come to the post production house and rerecord some of their lines.

Songwriting...Creation and Development

Beyond the fundamentals of production, producers are almost always musicians themselves. Our producers are well-rounded in the realms of songwriting, composing, and programming in all styles of music.We also have a great network of professional studio musicians available for any type of project.

We can assist the artist by enhancing their songs with brilliant ideas and arrangements or totally write a composition from scratch that fits your vision.

Scoring...Music For Film and Media

If you need music or sound effects for advertising, film score, video, TV, web video, a song for a commercial, or a movie trailer, we can do it.

Our credits include feature films,commercials,TV episodes,  interactive web films, and web advertising. Contact us and we will be happy to thoroughly discuss all of your music scoring needs.

Foley And Sound Design...Bringing Your Film To Life
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